Front-end process technology

Perfected techniques. 

Front-end process technologies enable us to produce designed functions in the best possible way, and it plays an important role in the miniaturization, slimming down, and high functionality of electronic components。

Laminating & stacking

Casting, high precision stacking and aligning, and laminating technology for up to sub-micron thickness dielectric sheets of uniform and small crystalline particles.    

MLCC layer thickness reduction


High precision printing technology utilizing screen and other printing techniques to form thin, dense structures such as internal electrodes and wiring on ceramic sheets.    

Thin internal electrodes


Precise control of firing temperatures and atmosphere to produce desired crystal structures in electro ceramics.
     Before and after sintering

Nano & thin film fabrication

Physical and chemical methods, including lithography and etching technologies, to form thin layers or films up to sub-micron levels.    

Comb finger (MEMS technology)

Surface finishing

Controlling of electrochemical parameters to treat and enhance mechanical and electrical surface properties of electrical components utilizing electroless deposition and electroplating technologies.

pk10开奖历史Metal surface control techniques

Precision mechanical processing

High precision molding and shaping technology using injection molding, pressing and other mechanical techniques to create complex structures with high dimensional accuracy.    

Injection molding with ceramic coumpounds

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